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The Main (survival) server is now updated to 1.8. Due to 1.8's adoption of UUIDs and new blocks, the map and economy has been reset.
VIP Custom Prefix Update!
As a donator, you can now use the command /prefix <CustomPrefix> to set your own prefixes! If you have the myth group, your prefix will automatically be set to gold. Prefixes of existing ranks are blocked. You may not pretend to be another rank with prefixes such as "MODD" or "ARCHIITECT". Have fun!
The MelonCraft Prison Server!
The new prison server is now opened! You will be able to join with the command /server prison. 
UNLIMITED Level system!
Armor upgrades!
Inventory value bounty overhead display!
Ender chest.
PvP enabled center Courtyard.
Laundry for "smuggled" items.
Scrapyard for wood.
Mines for stone and ores.
1.7+ Launcher
To play: Enter your username and a random password (it can be anything, as long as it's not blank) and click "Login". It will say failed login, then click "Play Offline". This launcher allows you to create profiles and install mods with ease. Magic!
Jackie171I'm glad to be warmly welcomed. :3
killax10just looked we have exactly 11,111 forum members!
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cookie_How i change my password ?
Jackie171   In-game, type /changepassword (OldPassword) (NewPassword)

For example:
If your password is 'cookie,' and you want to change it into 'bacon,' then you'd type: /changepassword cookie bacon
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Charn_awsome   Someone add his permissions pls. :sick:
XCeleronZERO   i just need my permissions now ...
XCeleronZERO   ok added :sick: ty tree <3 (noHomoBro)
Matter405Need a rest of password plss Tick/Bio
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