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The End.

As we finish out our 4th year of being online, all good things must come to an end.

MelonCraft's 4 year history had struck quite a few milestones. At our height, we at one point managed to have the most online players out of cracked servers. We pioneered the "zombies with guns" server style that was later imitated in many other servers. We have served over 20 million unique players from almost every country in the world. Our players have racked up a combined total of over two centuries of play time. 

However, over the past two years, we have been in a slow decline. This is the result of many factors, a major one being my lack of available time to properly manage and run the server, as well as the DMCA takedown of bukkit itself, which almost every server runs. The result was that the server began to be plagued with a plethora of bugs and broken systems. We began to struggle with our minigames having low population, making many unplayable, and this problem compunded as we shrunk until many games transformed into a graveyard, a skeleton nof its former self. We had grown too large too quickly, without the proper systems design that resulted in an unscalable and ultimately unsustainable server setup.

Along with this slow decline, we began to see our funds drop faster than donations could replenish. We are currently balancing on the last of our funds. I have come to realize that this trend will only continue. I am sorry to say that MelonCraft will be closing at the end of January. <- This has been extended by 2 weeks!

What this means for you:

We recommend that you use a map downloader so that you can save and builds you are particularly proud of and want to keep. It will be difficult to access the map after we shut down.

Link to world downloader mod: [CLICK ME]

Milestones of MelonCraft:

Here is a link to our photobucket account. There are lots of screenshots from the beginning and before Meloncraft!

Also, for now, feel free to discuss other servers to join, as long it isn't in the form of spam advertisement :)


Last day/closing time: Sunday, Feb 21 at midnight EST

Good night, sweet prince.

BioSmasher, AFatTick

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XCeleronZEROI have a few new Videos, I do hope you enjoy them!
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Zmaster_1998Can I ask a favor of everyone can you all go to this [link] and vote fore direwolf for me I need to win :p
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SaucyShot2487My Minecraft keeps saying "Already Playing.." when I press the Play button. Can you guys please help? I will be very thankful.
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Rilene   Try go to task manager, go to Background Process (not sure with the name) and find javaw.exe and stop it, all of it.
It should close Minecraft as if it is Java based but becareful, it also forcefully close anything else that is Java based too.
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