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VIP Custom Prefix Update!

As a donator, you can now use the command /prefix <CustomPrefix> to set your own prefixes! If you have the myth group, your prefix will automatically be set to gold. Prefixes of existing ranks are blocked. You may not pretend to be another rank with prefixes such as "MODD" or "ARCHIITECT". Have fun!

The MelonCraft Prison Server!

The new prison server is now opened! You will be able to join with the command /server prison. 

UNLIMITED Level system!
Armor upgrades!
Inventory value bounty overhead display!
Ender chest.
PvP enabled center Courtyard.
Laundry for "smuggled" items.
Scrapyard for wood.
Mines for stone and ores.

1.8 Update
The server is now compatible with 1.8 clients, but 1.8 features (new blocks, etc) are not available for use yet.

Spigot has been updated to 1.8 and we are testing compatibility with plugins

New items/blocks in 1.8:
Diorite, Andesite, Granite, Slime Block, Barrier, Iron Trapdoor, Multicolored Wood Items.

1.7+ Launcher
To play: Enter your username and a random password (it can be anything, as long as it's not blank) and click "Login". It will say failed login, then click "Play Offline". This launcher allows you to create profiles and install mods with ease. Magic!
Luks198I know that the creative server has not redstone because there are so many crashers, but... Really, creative now is boring -.-
killax10   as some say "You can't give people nice things", when people abuse something nice everyone suffers, sadly this is 1 thing that will stay down :/
(post your score here)
Bond0087Im having connection problems with the server anyone els have any?
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EmbiKittyYOLO   Main was down and your account was connected to main, and was not going to another server. Therefore causing connection problems. I had the same problem, main is back now.
owleye30Day 2 of first semester exams finished...3 days to go...Thursday we have a final evaluation thing I think.
owleye30   Then no school Friday
wodoo , MuhammetYaman , AutroN , holmes , yavuzhan and yigit11 joined MelonCraft
TacoGuy ppanzer   u wot m8
cookie_I need a name to minecraft(premiumaccount) who have a idea ?
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EmbiKittyYOLO   Why not do Cookie_KittyYOLO? Kidding.
killax10   maybe cookie_ or cookie10? or maybe Melon4Lyfe?
EmbiKittyYOLO   cookie10 is taken by uh... cookie10.
Thydx   created a new thread Server creative - Minecarts in the Bug Reports forum
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