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BioSmasher a posted Oct 30, 13

Cracked 1.7.4 Launcher:

To play: Enter your username and a random password (it does not matter, as long as it is not blank) and click "Login" and then "Play Offline" after it fails to login. If you are premium, you may enter your account name and password to be premium. Magic!
Click Me to Download the 1.6.2 Mac Client

God Item Note
I have come to note that there are illegally obtained overpowered items out in the survival economy. These items are known as "god items" and have absurd levels of enchantments or other buffs on them. If you are in possession of one, or know of someone who has them, please confiscate them and give it to staff in-game. If staff asks for an item, please comply as it is mandatory and they may issue punishments as fit, including but not limited to bans and demotions. These items make the game very unfair and ruins it for everyone.
ČαρԏαíηÁℓℓśԏαяv2Hi its me CaptainAllstars I created a new enjin account because my 1st acc of enjin i forgot my email. xD
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mrsdyc , Atiin , tolgahan , dastantarmina and RetroMiner joined MelonCraft
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KernelPad   Welcome!
killax10just spawned a wither at red... its going so weird now..
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Mongoose6789   with me lol
Xxcrack21xXIceHero,Kermel,ADMINS..... tendran una denuncia de mi madre por lo que acen,ustedes tienen que quitarme el ban porque no hice nada,aora por tontos teneis una denuncia
ImPro678   Crack, Lo que ellos dijieron es que usar el nombre de un admin o del personal va contra las reglas, y tienes suerte que solamente te banearon temporalmente, y no puedes hacer nada al respecto, a menos que el creador del servidor decida regresar el dinero, pero eso nunca pasa
ImPro678   I just did translate for that guy, i think he think he can do about this XD
nicco   Tu denuncia no aplicara 1º es internacional y 2º fue tu error
Mongoose6789Woo! 18th Birthday! what should i do!?
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Max_   Happy birthday :)
ForeverAlone   Don't do what I did! Long story short, I awoke the next day on a park bench in the middle of "I have no idea where" after partying with some friends, wearing woman's clothing, makeup and a pylon cone on my head... Man I wish I was 18 again! Happy birthday. :p
Mongoose6789   nice story, thanks forever, max, asper, sirade, icehero, jaden. appreciate it, first day of work is today too, see you guys later :DD
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