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You can update to 1.8 now!

The Bukkit incident
If you are not yet aware, the bukkit project, in recent weeks has seen a huge amount of instability and turmoil. In wake of an (almost) shutdown of the project by EvilSeph, and a DMCA takedown issued against it, along with the retirement of much of the bukkit team, the future of the bukkit API is not certain. Since all of MelonCraft runs on spigot, a fork of CraftBukkit, which in turn is based on Bukkit, the server software we run on may not be updated in a while, and plugins will not/cannot be developed for it in the immediate future. This means that we are now in the process of evaluating the situation, and determining the best course of action. This course is not yet clear, and we must wait until the situation unfolds more before we are able to make a decision regarding the future of MelonCraft. Please note that MelonCraft will continue to stay up and will be available for play in its current state. This only concerns updates.

1.8 Update

The server is now compatible with 1.8 clients, but 1.8 features (new blocks, etc) are not available for use yet.

New items/blocks in 1.8:
Diorite, Andesite, Granite, Slime Block, Barrier, Iron Trapdoor, Multicolored Wood Items.


1.7+ Launcher:

To play: Enter your username and a random password (it can be anything, as long as it's not blank) and click "Login". It will say failed login, then click "Play Offline". This launcher allows you to create profiles and install mods with ease. Magic!
xXSgt.KomsteriotXx[Retired tillHoh Daym... 2Stuphed4U xD
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ken_manamiHello. I miss Everyone! :(
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IceHero_Paladin   :(
TheGamePlayerM   Hai dere!
aguila16   created a new thread Plotme advanced of Creeper_Reaper in the Creative Plot Judging forum
xXSgt.KomsteriotXx[Retired tillCan Someone Roll back my shop PlZZ.... i lost my 2 beacon and my 18 Iron Block.
plzz.. roll back my shop.
Cuz Plz Dont Make Me More SAD. cuz in School I Lost my EyeGlasses box thing. :(
soo PHLEEEZZSS.... Rb my shop.
i cri evri tim :( :( :(
XCeleronZEROWhen are we gon have something new ? Server or somtin
AFatTick   Oh there's something...
LucazDaKing   Wow my comment got deleted. -_-
RetiredClemens   WHENS THE NEW SERVER COMMIN?! Smartass
Mongoose6789If you guys could stop letting griefers create new accounts, allowing griefers to be pardoned, and start IP Banning Griefers, Maybe I'd play more, but my home is a wreck, every time i log in. You guys need to pick up your game, You don't have as many players as you did mainly because of this issue. If griefing policy was strict as heck, I would still be on daily, and I wouldn't be writing this post.
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Quauhtli   I hate to say it guys, but he's right....
XCeleronZERO   This reason may be one of many .... Or the main reason.
KernelPad   Bypass IP through Proxy, this is the nature of cracked servers and griefers.
Mongoose6789Removing bricks with Efficiency V & Haste II...
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Quauhtli   Great for moving mountains... Literally!
xX_trollol_XxMight not be on a lot, I'm on holidays.
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