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Factions Build Rights
We have recently updated factions. One change is that the default rank when joining is "recruit". To allow players to build, an officer needs to use the command: /f promote <playername>
You may now rent shops/cells on the prison server!
VIP Custom Prefix Update!
As a donator, you can now use the command /prefix <CustomPrefix> to set your own prefixes! If you have the myth group, your prefix will automatically be set to gold. Prefixes of existing ranks are blocked. You may not pretend to be another rank with prefixes such as "MODD" or "ARCHIITECT". Have fun!
Bond0087Stream starts in less then 1 hour! :sick:
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Kiuno_XD   registered to MelonCraft
KickingGuys.... I Am going to leave the melon now...

Cya later guys..

Jk Jk...
I Can't leave. I Am Stuck here forever
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Bruno_Crafting   created a new thread Bruno_Crafting's Transfer in the Account Status Transfers forum
tooru_kun , artsy_bergini and MaherGaming registered to MelonCraft
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Majd_97   Welcome :sick:
Bond0087You guys really enjoyed my last livestream so i thought why not do another one this week! :sick:
I will be doing another livestream tomorow at the same time as i always do my streams! :sick:
Besure to follow me on twitch to get notified when the stream starts @ [link]
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Lebachert12 , HerobrineGaymer7 , Frozenflame123 and PieCe registered to MelonCraft
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Majd_97   Welcome :sick:
Bond0087Can someone restart the main server its really laggy and we can't play :(
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aguila16   I'll see if there is any connected administrator ...
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