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BioSmasher a posted Oct 30, 13

Cracked 1.7.4 Launcher:

To play: Enter your username and a random password (it does not matter, as long as it is not blank) and click "Login" and then "Play Offline" after it fails to login. If you are premium, you may enter your account name and password to be premium. Magic!
Click Me to Download the 1.6.2 Mac Client

God Item Note
I have come to note that there are illegally obtained overpowered items out in the survival economy. These items are known as "god items" and have absurd levels of enchantments or other buffs on them. If you are in possession of one, or know of someone who has them, please confiscate them and give it to staff in-game. If staff asks for an item, please comply as it is mandatory and they may issue punishments as fit, including but not limited to bans and demotions. These items make the game very unfair and ruins it for everyone.
diegoduplohi everybody :)
diegoduplotranslation of what he said Xxcrack21xX
look I do not want to speak more English but _davidxd_ ban me is not my fault but mine will have a complaint about the server being hecharme VIP and more without my fault ok?
or put a ban _DavidxD_ hiso that, and make no mistake when I [link] banearon because another server but the Report will have, they can not do this when I'm vip and also when you pay to be not to throw me out. LES clear? as well because they needed the traductor.translate--. -
Xxcrack21xXmiren no quiero hablar mas ingles pero me banearon por _davidxd_ no es mi culpa pero tendran una denuncia mia por hecharme del server siendo vip y mas sin tener mi culpa ok?
o ponen ban a _DavidxD_ que hiso eso,y no se equivoquen cuando no fui [link] banearon por culpa de otro pero Denuncia al server tendran,no pueden hacer esto cuando soy vip y ademas cuando pague para serlo no para que me echen. LES QUEDO CLARO? pues bien porque necesitaran el traductor.translate--.--
diegoduplo   lol
nicco   Yo te entiendio pero.. porque quieres denunciar al server es un ban y ta los demas hicieron denuncia al server? No, porque tu si?
Link for translator
killax10geuss who! (Cot4 photo bombed D:)
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KernelPad   OptixHD. ;D
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IceHero_PaladinHello there, how's it going, it's me IceHero_Paladin.
I'm here to send a message to all my friends on enjin that I had created a Build Team, if you are a talented builder please go to [link] and make an application to join!
Don't worry there's no server in the link.
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LucazDaKing   I dont think he understands why we know it is slightly and verging on the side of innapropriate. xD
not_brandon   y u do dis to me
nicco   troll
XCeleronZEROAnyone seen my friend ? She is a chatmod here and her skin resembles a weeping angel ... If you find her tell me ... Its too boaring here ...
IceHero_Paladin   She...
XCeleronZERO   Whaaaaaaaaaa ...
nicco   is Glenbo (puki) right? She´s retired
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